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Another Step of Sun-worth at 118h Canton Fair

Another Step of Sun-worth at 118h Canton Fair

2018/03/26 09:10
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    With vice president Tino, our engineers and sales elites from Dongguan Sun-worth solar energy Co.,Ltd successfully attended to the 1st period of 118th Autumn Canton Fair from Oct. 15th to 19th. 

    Through our constantly innovations and hardly efforts, the development and application technology of solar photovoltaic products are getting more and more skilled; The launch of the product not only qualities but also appearances owned an great reputation in our clients.This time “SUNWORTH ENERGY”has introduced a new, practical, environmental protection products - solar water pump system,Which has attracted tremendous attentions from others.This was just new from our Intgrated street light.?Inorder to play for the market competition, “SUNWORTH ENERGY” Insist on continuous innovation、 strive to launch new products and Focus on?product optimization and improvement as well.
    We lay the emphasisese on?develoing solar energy application products, focus on small and medium-sized system , off-grid solar photovoltaic power generation system, solar street lights, solar water pump system etc. And dedicated to provide customers with a complete set of photovoltaic (pv) solutions, hybrid systems integration and EPC general contracting business.We believe that day, Dongguan Sun-worth solar energy Co.,Ltd will be better than ever. 
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