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DONGGUAN SUNWORTH NEW ENERGY TECH CO.,LTD is a high technology PV company with long-term professionally committed to the production,R&D and sales of PV systems integration,solar street light,crystalline silicon solar panels, solar application products.The company was founded in 2008 whose  core team devoted themselves in the PV industry more than 10 years.Always adhere to customer satisfaction as the enterprise vision, Sunworth provide professional customization pv system integration services, to provide customers with professional solutions and create customer value.
Adhering to the innovation of science and technology as the core, Sunworth solar passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system and get the TuV, IEC, CE, ETL, golden sun international authoritative certifications. Expanding the global market as the strategy, to create outstanding brand in global PV industry,Sunworth cooperate with the international well-known enterprises to establish long-term strategic cooperative relations like the German PHOCOS company,  DANFOSS in Denmark, Taiwan COTEK company .Our solar panels and applications products are exported to Europe, Africa, southeast Asia, Americas and other countries and regions overseas .At home, to undertake lots of solar lighting engineering and PV power generation project construction in the remote power shortage areas.Through the resource integration, optimizing the structure of product system, Sunworth solar promote the healthy and fast development of the company.
Face the future, Sunworth solar will firmly adhering to the enterprise core social values of "endless sunshine to share" , actively promote the grand vision of"the world PV, Sunworth brand" , continue to strengthen scientific research and innovation and construction of independent brands, for the change of  "made in China” to “created in China" to make more important contributions, for the world's energy industry and the national brand construction to play a more important role.
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